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1. What will a license cost?

  • Restaurant License:                               
    •  In addition to the annual license fee of $1,300.00 ($1,400.00 if you want Sunday sales as well), the answer depends on what type of license you need and where you want to operate.
    •  If, for example, 60% or more of your sales are from food; you don’t need to sell package liquor or hand liquor and can get by in beer and wine, a restaurant license might work for you.
    • Cost: These licenses are new, non-transferable licenses and can be obtained for the professional expense of requesting them.
  • Full Service (by the drink):
    • If, you don’t need package liquor but can get by with a full service by the drink license, it can be considerably less expensive than a package license. For current pricing information, Contact Us.
  • Package:
    • If you need a license which allows you to sell package liquor, it can be more costly. For current pricing information, Contact Us .

2.  How long will it take to finish the transfer of ownership so I can open my business?

  • While there are many variables which can delay a business from opening including but not limited to real estate related issues, the license can generally be transferred in approximately four months. While there are circumstances where it can be done much faster, these will require professional services.

3. What laws regulate liquor licenses, their owners, and employees?

  • Ownership and operation of New Mexico Liquor Licenses is regulated by the New Mexico Liquor Control Act and the rules and regulations that interpret the Act. Questions regarding the Act should always be addressed to a competent attorney familiar with the Act and the regulations.

4. Do I need a broker to buy, sell or lease a license?

  • This is a business decision which requires a knowledge of this very specific field. Just as in any business venture, it is always best to consult with a specialist to ensure proper dealings. I am happy to assist you with the highest professionalism.

CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                         

                                    Kyla Rhodes-Stoker

                                    Phone: (505)980-5614

                                    E-mail: nmliquorlicense@yahoo.com


            I look forward to working with you. My range of experience includes:

  • Site acquisition and/or rezoning;
  • Locating liquor licenses throughout the state;
  • Preparing transfer applications;
  • Walking the applications through the Alcohol and Gaming Division at the state level; as well as the local option district where the license will be utilized; and
  • Applying for new restaurant (beer and wine) licenses;
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