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New Mexico Liquor Licenses LLC.

The purpose of this site is to give you an overview of New Mexico Liquor Licenses. New Mexico Liquor Licenses are often far more expensive than our neighboring states and our liquor laws are complex to new licensees.


While none of the information in this site is intended to be all inclusive nor relied upon as legal advice, it is my hope that it will provide you with an overview. Contact information is listed within this site if you have any questions.


New Mexico Liquor Licenses, LLC is solely owned and operated by Kyla Rhodes-Stoker, a liquor license broker who is also a licensed New Mexico real estate broker. New Mexico Liquor Licenses, LLC can provide you experience in purchasing, selling or leasing not only your liquor license but also can be hired to assist you with the business and/or real estate where it is utilized.

Contact Information

               Kyla Rhodes-Stoker:        nmliquorlicense@yahoo.com


DISCLAIMER:    The information provided on this website is not and should not be construed as individualized legal, real estate or other professional advice. It is not guaranteed to be correct, complete or up-to-date. Nothing herein creates any form of professional relationship between the user and New Mexico Liquor Licenses, LLC nor any attorney or broker. A written agreement is required before any professional relationship is created.

Contact Info: 
Kyla Rhodes-Stoker
Phone: (505)980-5614   Email: nmliquorlicense@yahoo.com